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VISION 1live cinema


The story will be episodic

The man will be alone

The words will be ours

The  language Hollywoodian

The color black and white (tinged with blue)

The sets shrinked

The  light diffused

The music a dialogue

The present will float between past and the future …

First episode of a movie-theater about the future, Pierre Megos breaks up with an ax the door of a world so vast as the infinity where the theater confronts with the cinema, the unconscious in the conscious, the reality in the imagination.

The performance opened the season of the Balsamine Theater for the Genèse Festival.  That work was the start of the annual residency that Pierre Megos got duraing the 2011/2012 season.

Performed in English with french and flesmish subtitles


Director, Writer, Actor : Pierre Megos

Assistant : Alessandro de Pascale

Sound designer : Iannis Heaulme

Light designer : Julie Petit-Étienne, Florence Richard

Video designer : Caroline De Decker

Scale models   : Raphaël L. Lungo

Construction : Daniel Gaviria Escobar

Photographer : Herbert Schuller

Produced by Mothership.asbl

Presented @ Balsamine Theater

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