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STREAMING is a post-traumatic artistic reaction to the health-political-social-economic-cultural crisis which our society has suffered for several months. This research and exploration project questions the survival of the performing arts at a historic moment of digital transition: If the future of the performing arts and more broadly of our society, is to be locked up alone at home without any interactions real human beings other than likes, loves, views and comments and the only way to survive it is to have wifi, netflix and a screen, well I would like to offer an artistic survival kit or a weapon in live streaming to fight our uncertain cultural and societal future.

STREAMING is a project that can be postponed online and / or performed live during different stages: artisanal research in artistic lockdown, online dissemination through social networks, live mediation workshops and performative installation in the theater.

Under production 

Project granted by The Belgian Ministery of Culture as a project research for innovation.

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