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Pierre Megos had been asked to organize a video installation performative  for the international day of theatre in Brussels (March 2012).


He decided to work during three days with seven young actors from the belgian center of performing arts and construct with them a kind of video medley, mixing live videos and  portraits videos recorded.


The work was based on Shakespeare’s  famous figures. The actors where acting on a blue fabric staged in one room and they were integrated in settings made from scale models. The audience was placed in another room where they could see the result. Vidéo portraits pre-recorded was also part of the performance which was shown before and after the play « le banquet dans les bois » in Balsamine theater.


Director-Writer: Pierre Megos

Actors : Cédric Coomans, Laetitia Evens, Amélie Lemonnier, Fabien Magry, Berdine Nusselder, Flavia Papadaniel, Nathalie Rozanes

Video designer: Caroline de Decker

Son designer: Iannis Heaulme

Photographer : Herbert Schuller

Presented @ Balsamine Theater

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