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RICCI FORTE jgmatricule 192102 


JG matricule 192102 is a ruthless project, developed starting from improvisations, verbal and physical, designed to evoke a non-exhibition but performative possibility. The power of fantasy (which reigned unconditionally during Genet's and our childhood) is still the only chance left, an incubator against moral loneliness, an antidote to try to free ourselves from the deadly pincers of boredom, from the homologating molasses of the conformism and general approval. As he used to do in prison, we too are free to open the hatch of the imagination in the cell of perpetual daily life sentences that others have in store for us. Transforming us into saints and sanctuaries that can be visited and adored all in one breath. The essence of the human landscapes evoked by his novels (Our Lady of the Flowers, Querelle, Thief's Diary, Miracle of the Rose, Funeral Pumps) becomes a distillate of research. The Apocalypse of Jean the Evangelist is ours, fallen angels who today try to mend their plucked wings in the impact with Life, a mother who is too stepmother.
Director : ricci/forte

Trainer:  Marco Angelilli

Actors : Giuseppe Sartori, Piersten Leirom, Emilie Flamant, Pierre Megos,Catarina Vieira, Francesco Scolletta, Capucine Ferry, Nina Greta Salomè, Diletta Acquaviva, Aurélia Bonta, , Hayet Chouachi, Cédric Coomans, Francisco Goulão
Stefano Moretti, Mauro Racanati, Jure Radnic, Nera Stipicevic, Tiago Vieira, Mateo Videk

Presented @ CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG (Italia), CREPA - Centre de Recherche et d’Expérimentation en Pédagogie Artistique (FWB/Belgique), TAGV - Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente (Portugal), La Comédie de Reims, Centre Dramatique National (France), Hrvatsko narodno kazalište / Festival svjetskog kazališta (Hrvatska)

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