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Pop ? is a project of pure creation, an organic ground of pure creation around love, desire, frustration, solitude, ideology….

No play in Pop ? But departures of texts, images, sounds skipping as necessities inside the course of the actors and their creativities.

Pop ? It is also the opportunity to pu an act of resistance by working on an introspective step when the sociculture on one hand and the reality tv on the other hand are trusting the artistic sector. An act of resistance also in the fact of gathering on stage 17 actors.

In Pop ? there is a permanent thought that « I » is also the one and that we are also the children of consecutive times.

Pop ? Has to make a world, plant a universe, draw a painting of the possibility of the existence or of non-existence of things. In itself, Pop ? replaces the human being in the center of the theater but the theater in the center of the consumer society.


Director : Armel Roussel

Actors/Writers : Shila Anaraki, Karim Barras, Yoann Blanc, Eric Castex, Bernard Graczyk, Julien Jaillot, Julie Jaroszewski, Sofie Kokaj, Pierre Alexandre Lampert, Denis Laujol, Nicolas Luçon, Estelle Marion, Pierre Megos, Florence Minder, vincent Minne, Sophie Sénécaut, Baptiste Sornin. 


Presented @ Théâtre Varia, KVS (BE), Maison de la culture de Bourges, Festival Francophonie Limoges (FR)

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