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The first step of « Dé-livrance » was delivered to the audience in Bruxelles in January 2011. Pardes Rimonim has continued what was on stage and now proposes a renewed show. « Dé-livrance » discusses the matter ‘What can we do ?’, by gambling on the power of a dice. Everything on stage – setting, costume, action and words - are decided by the dice. In response to all that is taught during performing art studies – dramatist work, word meanings - the play also intends to reflect the following questions: is it possible to invent another kind of performance? Would it be freedom?

The rules of the show are explained to the audience at the beginning of the play, so that we put on sight the performance machinery: the scenario works on mishap and chance. As the audience can witness how people on stage find solutions to problems, there is an equity between the audience and the actors: they both don’t know what is going to happen.

In the end, the play subject is: Can I act, when choosing nothing? The way the performance is built allows each of us to deal with this thematic, acting or not acting, through a mirror between form and thought.

Director : Bertrand Sinapi

Writers : Bertrand Sinapi, Pierre Megos, Amandine truffy

Actors : Pierre Megos, Amandine truffy, clément Bonin, François Paniel

Light designer : Light Designer : Clément Bonin.

Pardes Rimonim production

Presented@ Saulcy Theater, Centre Pompidou (FR) Kultuurfabriek (LUX), l’Almagia (IT), Théâtre Colombier Paris,
Espace Molière Talange (FR), Atelier210, Balsamine Theater (BE)


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