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#ODYSSEY live cinema



#ODYSSEY is an Homeric show that questions the place of the artist in the contemporary neoliberal society.       The figure of the artist is being placed at the center of the narration, in order to use it as a prism reflecting a weird ever-changing world. By using the artist as a contemporary hero, the project interrogates our relationship to money, art, love and our both active and passive attitude towards the disappearance of our crucial moral values. Moreover, it explores the links between mankind and machines while constantly facing fiction and reality, so as to give a meaning to the flood of stories that blinds our everyday lifes.


With this project, Pierre Megos embraces theater, technology and cinema in real time with his "Cinema-Theater".

Concretely, a chroma key cinema studio is installed on sight on a stage on which an actor plays by imagining the decorations, the situations as well as the characters of the story. In front of him, one or more cameras connected to a computer capture what is happening on the playing area and at the same time allow the actor to get into a film. A soundtrack accompanies the actor, serving as a partner for interacting with the narrative and dramatic events that exist in the film that he is in contact with but that he cannot see.  Spectators can see the result of the actor’s movements in a black and white film projected on a screen. The cinematographic plans are composed of miniaturized sets (whose final rendering is on a human scale), special effects and actors previously filmed.

Writer-Director : Pierre Megos 

Stage Actors : Pierre Megos, Uiko Watanabe 

With the participation on movie of Selma Alaoui, Geoffrey Boissy, Lucie Debay, Fabien Dehasseler, Alessandro de Pascale, Adrien Desbons, Emilie Flamant, Amandine Laval, Julia Le Faou, Estelle Marion, Florence Minder, Séverine Porzio, Judith Ribardière, Audrey Riesen, Achille Ridolfi, Nathalie Rozanes, Tristan Schotte, Eline Schumacher, Sophie Senecaut, Martine Wijckaert 

Assistant : Alessandro de Pascale 

Composition : Thomas Turine  

Stage Lighting : Florence Richard 

Stage Video : Tonin Bruneton 

Director of Photography :  PalomaSermon-Daï 

Scale model Designer : Mathilde Roman 

Film Lighting : Maxime Dambly 

Sound recording : Marc Doutrepont  

VFX Editors :  Abdel El Asri, Pierre Megos, Zoilly Molnar 

Costumes and make-up : Emilie Jonet 

Scenography : Christine Grégoire

Production Stardust asbl, Coproduction Théâtre Varia, Théâtre de Liège, La Coop asbl et Shelter Prod With the support of Interreg V Euregio Meuse Rhin & Wallonia,, INg, tax-shelter du gouvernement fédéral de Belgique, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Service Théatre. Presented @ Liège Theater and Varia Theater

#ODYSSEE performance - 19 february and 5 march 2021 is cancelled due to covid restrictions.

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