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A manifesto is a written and public declaration by which a government, a person, a party or an artistic movement presents a program of action or a position, most often political or aesthetic.
 MANIFESTO: it's a "special" night on the 13th floor of the WTC in Brussels
----------- For: raising funds intended to promote Belgian creation abroad
----------- For whom: for those who consider that culture is not an adjustment variable and that art is the extension of the field of the possible
----------- By whom: an official agency that intends to be a partner in daring projects
----------- Who is it: 50 artists, visual artists, choreographers, scenographers, performers, sculptors, dancers, designers, ...
Concept - curator: Stéphanie Pécourt
Scenography: Arié van Egmond
Installation Manifesto: Boris Dambly Culinary
Master of ceremonies: Pierre Megos
Hanging: Fabien Defendini
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