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School project 2004

9 hours


The theme of work was based on the concept of Paradise.

The director asks us several questions about the topic then we had to create pieces about it.

Pierre Megos wrote and act his first solo « fucking boy »  during that experience.

This solo performance of 30 minutes will be choose in 2007 to be played in Theater Varia in a bigger show called by the same name. 

Director : Armel Roussel.

Cast : Pierre Megos,Selma Alaoui, Leila Ben Mosbah, Elsa chausson, Pauline D’ollone, Aurore Fatier, Martin Firket, Photios Kourgias, Florence Minder, Achille Ridolphi, Prunel Rosier, Chloé Spoto, Thomas Coumans, Xavier Delacolette, Emilie Maquest, Thibault Valette, Ingrid Whauty.

Photographer : Jacques Verrees.

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