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Between Theater and Performance, Fucking Boy operates an acid painting of our world in the form of « animal documentary » on the human race. The show is based on a scene that Pierre Megos had written during his acting studies and which was developped as an entire show.

In Fuckin boy, we follow a « mortal superhero » that, fallen into the brutality of the world, introduces himself as a guinea pig for a huge experiment.

The spectators are urged to enter the white cage withe the imagination of this unconventionnal individual, who asks to be studied to understand what differentiates him of this fellow mens o that it does not succeed either in living in accordance with them or in finding the peace.The protective and puritain Christine accompanies him with some maternal tenderness in his quest for paradise and his descent into hell ;she is the accomplice in the most far-fetched,violent,amusing,moving and even pathetic sacraficial acts of an individual looking for himself.                  The purpose of the show is the question us about why of our inactivity while we are all right all. Why is our simple egoism enough for us ? Why –even in consciousness- we act against our own desires ? Make a show which to one hunderd at the hour…

Can the couple, the love, the private sphere be enough for the happiness ?


Director : Armel Roussel

Actors/Writers : Pierre Megos, Florence Minder, Sophie Sénécaut, Astrid de Man.

Photographer : Danièle Pierre

Presented @Theater Varia (BE)

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