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Mixing installations, photos, plastic arts, dance, performance and theater, " 12 Works " is an original work based on the twelve labours of Hercules. 

He tells symbolically the story of the hero Hercule, the adulterine son of Zeus, condemned by Hera, his mother-in-law, to face twelve expiatory obstacles to be accepted by the gods and finally become immortal. In this show, Hercule appears as a kind of contemporary messiah representing the human life in our time inviting the spectators to visit his entrails. Pierre Megos stages a universe tinged with mystery and with strangeness where the dream courts the reality, where the unconscious becomes a reality, where the impossible appears, carried by the theatrical magic.


Director - Writer : Pierre Megos

Actors : Pierre Megos, Florence Minder, Lémi Cétol, Fabien Magry, Mathias Varenne, Valentin Badert,

Assistants  Alessandro de Pascale, Sophie Jaskulski

Sound designer : Iannis Heaulme

Video designer : Damien Petitot

Light designer :  Julie Petit-etienne

Scenographer :  Christine Grégoire

Assistant scénographer :  Ledicia Garcia

Make up artist : Maud Liégeois

Construction Pierre Megos, Dimitri Megos,  Damien Petitot, Daniel Gaviria, Manu Deck, Claude Santerre

Costumes Ateliers du Théâtre de Liège, Aurélie Duthilleul

Photographer : Dominique Houcmant

Administration  Manon Faure

Production Mothership.asbl

Coproduction Le Théâtre de Liège 

With the help of the Ministery of the French community in Brussels 

With the help of la Bellone

Presented@ Théâtre de Liège 

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