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12 WORKS second experiment



It is an unconscious dream symbolized by a mythological story. It is a family tragedy where you can a sacrificed mother, a father, a stepmother and the birth of a contemporary hero who is the heir of errors and faults that do not belong to him. The new born becomes a child then a man who is trying to prove to the world that it is still possible today to be brave. 12 works was the second performance realized in Bellone by Pierre Megos around Hercule's theme and his twelve works. This part  was representing the possible start of a story being inspired by the real mythology and reinterpreted in a contemporary way.


Director - Writer: Pierre Megos. 

Actors : Pierre Megos, Florence Minder, Lémi Cétol, Valentin Badert, Audrey Riesen, 

Sound designer : Bannis Heaulme. 

Video designer : Damien Petitot. 

Assistants : Manon Faure/Vanessa Bonnet 

Photographer : Herbert Schuller

Presented@ La Bellone (BE)

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