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12 WORKS first experiment


It is the story of a man-artist, a Greek hero in search of his « I ».

It is a theatrical act divided into several alive acts.

It is a fantasized reality or an unconscious impossibility filtered by the M.O.N.E.Y. then made concrete.

It is a sacrifice or a self-sacrifice, entirely raw , intended for "something bigger".

It is a strange image painted in black and white.

It is a silent breath which accelerates noisily before being suffocated.

It is a faded fire followed by an animal reconstruction getting a failed birth.

It is the bleeding of a being in front of his worst nightmare (s).

It is an insect which buzzs in the head and which urges to kill the sacred.

It is a Herculean tragic madness...

Director - Writer- Actor : Pierre Megos

Sound designer : Iannis Heaulme

Video designer : Damien Petitot

Light Designer : Guillaume Dumont

Assistant : Astrid Mignon

Photographer : Herbert Schuller

Presented @La Bellone (BE)

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