Pierre Megos focused on his acting career during the pandemic by using the ultimate tool : Selftape.

Being fast / Being creative /  Presenting yourself the best way /  Understanding the vision of a director or casting director with small informations about them or a character or a screenplay is the common playground for actors.


# Casting Cinema in English  "The Boss"                    

    # Casting Cinema in French                     

# Casting Cinema in English "The death of Jessica"

​# Selftape movie scene for Casting director

# Casting Cinema in English "At the office"

# Casting Cinema in English "The Business partner"

​# Selftape Motivation for Casting directors

​# Casting Commercial in French "Marc, Courtier"

# Casting Commercial in French/Dutch "Client, Colruyt"

# Casting Commercial "Sing Lucie Pascal Obispo"

​# Casting Commercial in English "The insurer"

# Casting Commercial " All I want for you is Christmas"

# Casting Commercial in French