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BROS #Actor

Romeo Castellucci Cesena


Pierre Megos was invited to perform an epileptic crisis in the show Bros directed by Roméo Castelucci.


Bros – or how Romeo Castellucci thinks up a new creative concept. Because at this fresh encounter with the enigmatic Italian theatre maker, the performance unfolds somewhat differently than normal: some thirty men - non-professional actors - form an anonymous group.  They are wearing earphones through which they receive orders. Prior to their participation they have to sign a contract in which they promise to stick strictly to the guidelines. That is the only real agreement that is made with them. The performers carry out actions that they do not understand, or for which they are unprepared. Every man wears an American police uniform, with hints to the burlesque cinema from the era of the silent film. With this law & order iconography, Castellucci anticipates the coming of a disaster. The comic potential soon takes on an obscure and disturbing dimension. Comedy and violence as a reflection on one another. An unlikely challenge? Perhaps. In any case, this is typical of Romeo Castellucci, who since his first productions at DE SINGEL in the nineties has seared the most haunting and indelible images into our visual memory. Following appearances with intimist works such as Schwanengesang and The Third Reich, he now returns to the Red Hall with this new large-scale production.

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