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BONSOIR, je m'appelle PM


Before starting his annual residency in Theater Balsamine, Pierre Megos had been asked to present his work to the audience of the theatre.

The problem was that the date proposed didn’t matched with his agenda (he had to play in an other show the same night in another place). So , he decided that he could be in two different places by doing two different performances. The concept of ‘Bonsoir, je m’appelle Pierre Megos » was based on the absence of the artist and his ability of being cloned by seven actors representing all the different skills that he is using in his artistic work. The performance was directed live from another place by sending letters (falling from the ceiling) with clear instructions of what the actors had to play. The performance last 50 minutes.


« It was the presentation of an artist in the past, present, future.

It was a ghostly presence which tried to exist really.

It was a cigarette without smoke, mixed to words or questions.

It was a cloud invaded by a choir of shadows, a hubbub of the I and of the me followed by a rotten direction of the myself.

It was a vision Cinemascope of the work, a vision 3d of future.

It was a circling virgin thought which eventually crushed on a theater stage ».

Director and writer : Pierre Megos 

Actors : Florence Minder, Mathias Varenne, Achille Ridolphi, Emilie Maquest, Sophie Jaskuski, Audrey Riesen, Mathilde lefèvre, Vanja Marie Godée, Lémi Cétol, Andryana Cokic et Kaya.

Sound designer: Iannis heaulme

Video designer : Damien Petitot, Pierre Megos.

Light designer: Julie petit Etienne.

Make up artist: Maud liégeois, Arthur.

With the help of  Edith Berttholet, Christine Grégoire, Manon Faure.

Presented@ Balsamine Theater (BE)

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